It hurts watching despair infiltrate your eyes.
Knowing my world is filled with color as yours slowly turns grey.
I call you my best friend but i’m no good for you.
Î don’t know how to mend a heart that breaks in silences.
The cracks are hidden behind a shallow facade
But i still can’t find them.
I can’t save you from the secret world you suffer in.
Your usually strong eyes won’t meet my gaze
The warm of your smile is gone
Leaving me to try to make it through a cold, unforgiving winter.
My words echoed endlessly in my head but pass straight through you.
Without you i’m lost.
Your misery is contagious and i’m glad to catch it.
It is one last faint connection with you.
Im here for you to cry with you
Scream with you
Be silent with you
Care for you
Watch over you
Be with you.
Travel on the long road to find the place that you can’t remember to forget.
The place that is always waiting now matter how fast you run or far you go.
But the door is locked,
You sit there suffering alone.
Unable to hear me calling your name from just outside.
Pleading, shouting, trying to tear down this obstacle.

Catching Dreams

the middle of the night,

When dreams are filled with fright,

And your robbed of all your glee.

Don’t let yourself be weary,

When your eyes become all teary,

Just catch a dream of me.

It’s not as bad as it seems,

When love fills your dreams,

And you’re not alone.

Just don’t feel ashamed,

Call out my name,

And I’ll guide you home


I am nobody.
A memory, the forgotten, an interruption in the breeze.
My shadow casts itself onto the wall.
Walking. Running. Lost perpetually.
I search for him everywhere.
But, he is well hidden in the dark.
Watching me from a distance.
Observing my emptiness.
Waiting for me to disappear.
Into the cold dark night.
Tears fall from my cheeks like stone.
Blood run quickly through me veins,
Then stops. Freezing slowly
My skin peels away completely.
Exposing a cracked, empty shell.
A frail arm patterned with laceration,
Reaches out begging for help.
But, nobody is there.
Not important enough for help,
Not strong enough to save myself.
Left there just to shatter,
Broken in the moonlight,
All alone.